Site Evaluation : CKC will visit your site to assist with the determination of existing utilities and building conditions within the space to determine best flow for the kitchen given the area.

Rough-in Layout : CKC will assist with offering suggestions for the kitchen space and will incorporate your ideas and suggestions into a conceptual drawing that reflects placement of the kitchen pieces. At this point, CKC will make suggestions on equipment pieces that are relevant for the space, keeping in mind the menu, labor requirements and functionality of the food service facility.

CAD Drawings : Once the kitchen layout is drawn and approved, rough-in layouts will follow, which will include the CAD layout of electrical, plumbing, hoods, walk-ins, wall blocking, custom fabrication, elevation, and any other drawings that are relevant for completion of the drawing set by our CAD team.

Coordination : CKC will purchase and coordinate delivery to the site or warehouse of the pieces assigned to your project. Our project management team will coordinate the factory purchases, deliveries, installation, and will guide the job from beginning to end.

Installation : The CKC installation crew will meet delivery trucks on site, if not making smaller deliveries, to offload, uncrate and set-in-place your kitchen pieces. Hoods are hung, fans are set, walk-ins are erected and refrigeration lines are set as needed. The crew will coordinate with the on site electricians, and plumbers, in regard to final connections for the pieces delivered.

Close-out : CKC will assist in the finalization process to include the start-up and adjustment of the food service equipment as necessary. The administrative team will compile maintenance and service manuals for use by end user. The administrative team will also coordinate the training of the kitchen staff on equipment purchased as required.

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