Commercial Kitchen Contractors can provide all the necessary food service drawings for your project. A typical drawing package would consist of equipment layout, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, walk-in, hood drawings and custom stainless, that are specific to your project. Each piece of equipment on the layout page will reflect specific dimensions for utility requirements to aide the jobsite with exact rough-in locations.

CKC will perform field measurements as they pertain to the equipment, furnishings, custom stainless fabrication and millwork pieces. After site measurements are confirmed, CKC will follow the approval process, then work closely with the fabricators to monitor any last minute details before delivery to job site. All custom fabrication will meet all current code requirements for NSF and UL listings. All millwork for your bars, buffets, service stations or any other areas of your operation, will be fabricated to specification and will also meet all the current code requirements for NSF and UL listings.

Commercial Kitchen Contractors will receive, warehouse, redeliver, uncrate and set foodservice equipment, once the site is available. All equipment will be stored locally for your inspection as required in our insured warehouses. CKC will receive, uncrate, erect walk-in panels and run refrigeration lines to remote condensers, as required. Condensate pipe will be installed as necessary for the coils inside the walk-ins. CKC will start and adjust the walk-ins as necessary.

CKC will hang hoods and offer fabrication and installation of ductwork to the fan packages after which CKC will assist in the certification of the fire systems within the hoods. CKC will coordinate with the electricians and plumbers for hook-ups within the hood space to ensure that the final connections are correct.

Once equipment is set according to plan, CKC will coordinate with the plumber and electricians for the final connections. After all the connections are complete, Commercial Kitchen Contractors will coordinate any factory start-ups.

Remodels? Commercial Kitchen Contractors welcomes all remodel work. Once again, the same services described above are offered with the added feature of using any existing or relocated foodservice equipment as relevant to the space.

Send us your projects that are on the table for coordination by our team at Commercial Kitchen Contractors. We are capable and ready to service your commercial kitchen needs, and expedite your job from beginning to end!

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